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Gültig bis: 04.07.2019
 Uhren, Schmuck
Watch-making history is written by those who introduce the best traditions to the world of 
timepiece manufacturing. Founded by an international team, the Buran Company brings 
forth a rich watch-making experience to write a new history in the world of timekeeping. 
The best European watch traditions and original artistry combine in the Buran watch.

Once consisting of a small workshop where a limited number of watches were produced 
by hand, these exceptional examples of horology served not only function but form, 
serving as art for the wrist. The companies’ workshops and design bureau are located in 
Porrentry, Switzerland, where Buran maintains its prized Switzerland team. Watches are 
produced by a creative team of experienced designers and artists who constantly offer 
the watch lover new and original developments. As a result, each all new, annually 
produced line of watches eclipses the previous to drive success for our distributors. 

Our company slogan is “To find the thin invisible line between comfort and beauty”.

At the outset, Buran watches were defined by the highest quality of each piece, from the 
smallest jewel to the final elaboration of European produced watch cases. Thus, the end 
product translates the highest standards of quality. Tritium composition sans phosphor 
lights up our dials and our lugs are adorned with straps by Hirsh, the Austrian company, 
a world leader in its field and a holder of old traditions.

To ensure watch-wearing pleasure, a special attention is paid to the harmony of design 
and geometry. Each element of the watch is developed in painstaking detail to maximize 
both the comfort and aesthetic for the wearer.

Subtle curves of sapphire crystals reveal classically applied Roman figures, guilloche of 
the dials, elegant hands from polished steel and beautiful décor of the face. The 
ergonomics of the case and lugs, the unique contours of the chronograph actuators, neo-
classical designs in overall construction, and crowns from elaborate to simple all 
combine to produce an outstanding timekeeping experience. 

Additionally, with vast international experience, the marketing department ensures that 
not only the watches themselves but all accompanying materials are world class. 

Having conquered Europe, Buran has grown in popularity and reputation in such diverse 
locations as the US, Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore, and Korea.All the while, Buran 
continues to earn the acknowledgment of clients who value high quality, reasonable 
prices and distinguished design. 

The Buran S. A. Company strives to continue development of its original and unique 
designs, but with an ever higher level of complexity and quality of execution, satisfying 
the unyielding requirements of international customers.

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